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BLUE SUN by Tamas Panitz


Available March 25th

"Hungry intellect and a love of facts - including words, those darkest facts of all - make these poems rich in image and statement as they are in music, a breath music that disdains all measures but its own. This is powerful new work, hat tipped to the masters from time to time, but a tongue out at them too. Quick, vivid, and deeply felt. He seems to love things just because they're there. Here."

– Robert Kelly

"The splitting of historiography into a brash imposition of history as ontology, history as willfully configurative, history as but a wistful desideratum -- leaves the archetypal self little choice but to hive in the lucubrations of a poetry questing for self and history. Panitz’ book enacts such a questing. Its voice would be master of its walk to the extent that even in addressing another it might be strictly about its own business: a panoply of poetic measures, variable tactics of order, the exploration of ontological imponderables. The smartness of its utterance throughout is instructive and – something not so common these days – provides a species of written speech that will repay proper study."

- Charles Stein